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Looking for a professional tree surgeon in Edinburgh? Give us a try!


We're friendly, professional and dependable with a discerning eye for detail and a passion for tree care.

Whether you need one or more trees reduced, trimmed or removed, we offer bespoke tree services to residential customers as well as commercial enterprises and government organisations.

Based in Edinburgh city centre, we carry out work both within the city, across the Lothians and much wider across the central belt of Scotland.

We are fully insured to a value of £5M.


Our Team

Experienced Tree Surgeons
Emiliano Bellucci - Lead Arborist

Originally from Rome, Italy, Emiliano is a highly experienced, passionate tree surgeon with extensive knowledge of complex tree work gained over many years.


He is a sought-after expert in the Shigo methods of tree management and his core expertise is in the pruning of high value trees. 

Emiliano is a big rugby fan and you will find him supporting his sons on the touchline.

Magnus Morgan - Operations Director

Magnus is a veteran of the Scottish arboricultural circuit. His extensive knowledge and experience in the management of trees is second to none.


Magnus manages our business and looks after arborist operations across the board. That said, you may find him with a chainsaw in his hand because, as with all our team, he’s an experienced arborist.

Continuing with the rugby theme, Magnus loves rugby and is universally known as Badger.

Kirsty Smith - Arborist

Kirsty is an experienced arborist from the Scottish Borders. Kirsty was consistently top of her class at arborist college and it’s not surprising that she’s now in demand as one of the most capable climbing arborists in the country.


Pruning, dismantling and ground work is all a breeze for Kirsty and the standard of her work speaks for itself.

Like every member of the team, Kirsty loves rugby and you may also find her rock climbing of a weekend.

Richard Dixie - Arborist

Richard is from Cape Town, South Africa. Richard has been working in arboriculture for over 20 years and is an acknowledged national expert in the dismantling of large and particularly dangerous trees.


Richard works all over the country and joins us to provide his skills and expertise when we dismantle trees that are very large or where, for example, decay and/or disease mean the tree is susceptible to failure during our works.

Richard loves nothing more than a good ‘braai’ (South African barbecue) and can be found loading lumps of flesh into his mouth every weekend.


Qualified Tree Surgeons

LANTRA and NPTC Certificated

We're fully qualified and certified by both NPTC and LANTRA in aerial and ground-based tree work.

Our arborist team is trained in the latest arborist techniques and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your tree work is carried out to the highest standard, quickly and with maximum safety.

We can quickly reduce tree cuttings on site and we provide our disposal services as standard on every job. 

We take great pride in our professionalism and the standard of our work and we're fully insured to carry out all our work for your peace of mind.

We offer our emergency call-out service to make trees safe after acute damage, for example due to wind or limb release.

LANTRA Trained

Our Services

Tree Expertise
  • Aerial Pruning

  • Aerial Dismantling

  • Clear Felling

  • Crown Lifts

  • Crown Reductions

  • Emergency Response

  • Sectional Felling

  • Storm Damage

  • Stump Removal

  • Waste Removal

  • Wood Chipping


We offer a planning application service to manage the necessary permissions for trees with Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) and in Conservation Areas. 


Unsure if your tree is affected? We can quickly advise. Contact us with your tree's location for a free confirmation.

You can read the terms and conditions of our business here.


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